Do you know how much sugar is in the various food and drink products you consume? And do you think you could identify sugar under its various guises on ingredients labels?

Many food and drink manufacturers pump huge amounts of sugar into their products to ‘enhance’ the taste. Many low or no fat foods contain added sugar too, as the fat is taken out and replaced with refined sugars. This means that many of us are consuming far too much sugar without even realising it.

This is not a new problem – it’s been going on for decades – but it’s still a problem nonetheless, because sugar provides us with no nutritional value, and while it may give us a quick energy boost, this is short-lived and sets us up for a fall later on in the day.

We carried out a survey of 1000 people throughout the UK to discover just how much the nation really knows about sugar. Take a look at the results in our latest infographic.

Thankfully, it’s not all bad, because younger generations are more aware than their parents and grandparents, which emphasises how crucial it is that we educate children from a fairly young age about the dangers of having a sugar-filled diet and the serious health problems it can lead to.

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